Thursday, June 11, 2009

Suspect thought car was arrested

A Panama City man was pulled over after police clocked him driving at a high rate of speed. When the man finally pulled over in a bank parking lot, cops smelled a strong odor of alcohol. The man had a 12 ounce can of Bud Light in his car.

The man admitted that he had "maybe six beers" and instead of handing over his driver's license, he gave the cop his credit card. So, the cop decided to do some field sobriety tests, and no big surprise, the guy failed them. He blew a .228 on the Breathalyzer (which in most states the legal limit is .08).

Police were going to have the man's car towed, but the man objected. The policeman wrote "(The suspect) advised me that the vehicle did not know what it was doing and he did not understand why it was being arrested."

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Suit accuses of fraud

A Brooklyn man filed a federal suit for $5 million against accusing it of fraud and deception for failing to let subscribers know if some of their "matches" aren't active on the site.

Sean McGinn's attorney, Norah Hart, said "They are left feeling they've been completely ignored and rejected. For some people, it could affect their romantic future."

Is this guy for real? Is he just tired of rejection and taking his anger out on someone else? What if the "matches" had already found someone? What if the "matches" weren't interested in the site anymore? I wonder if he thought of any other possible reasons before launching this stupid suit.

Ah, America the beautiful, home of the brave, and home of stupid law suits.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Speeder said he was chasing pot thief

A Pennsylvania man that police arrested in a traffic stop told them he was speeding because he was chasing someone who stole marijuana from him.

The police were conducting a "Buckle Up" check where they target drivers not wearing their seat belts. They stopped a vehicle that was traveling at a high rate of speed and changing lanes without using the turn signals.

During the traffic stop, police said they saw a glass bowl used for smoking marijuana on the front seat in plain view. Cops also found 15 baggies of the stuff and 13 ecstasy pills during the search.

Ryan Neaus told the police he was speeding because he was chasing the person who stole three bags of marijuana and his iPhone.

The Einstein is being charged with possession with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also cited for careless driving and not wearing his seatbelt.

Article here. Image via The Times.

Man drives car at friend over $10 bar tab

A New Hampshire man drove his car at his friend after arguing over a $10 bar tab. The 23-year-old is being charged with two counts of first-degree assault, reckless conduct and criminal mischief.

The man and his friend (who is also his co-worker) were drinking on Friday, and then went back to his friend's house early Saturday. That's where they started arguing over the $10 tab. The man drove his car into his friend and hitting him and drove off. He then came back and drove into the garage door, light pole, and drove over his lawn. The friend's dad came out and then then man hit him with the car too!

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Man rapes woman to teach her security lesson

An Australian man wanted to teach his ex-girlfriend to lock her doors at night. So, did he talk to her? Did he get her new locks? Nope. He decided to tie her up and rape her with a sex toy.

He's being charged with two counts of rape, two counts of attempted rape, and one count of aggravated serious criminal trespass. But that's not all. He's also accused of pour beer all over his ex before saying sorry and driving her to work.


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Monday, June 8, 2009

Marine recruiter charged with pimping teen girl

Police have arrested a U.S. Marine Corps recruiter on charges of felony pimping and kidnapping and are looking into whether he used sex with a 14-year-old girl to entice potential recruits.

Staff Sgt. Bryan Cunningham, 33, pleaded not guilty to seven felonies after police in Orange discovered the teenage girl in a car with Cunningham and two other men. Police said the two men were potential Marine recruits.

The girl told the police she met Cunningham online. She said that she had sex with all three men, and that Cunningham wanted her to be his prostitute. He even tried to take her to Los Angeles against her will.

Police are trying to determine if Cunningham may have been using the girl to entice Marine recruits. The two potential Marine recruits face felony charges on having sex with a minor. Cunningham is being held on $1 million bail.

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Bank robbers' getaway car runs out of gas

Two men from Daytona Beach have been arrested for robbing a bank. How did the cops catch them? Did they start a foot chase? Were there helicopters or infrared heat-seeking cameras being used? Nope. The robbers' car ran out of gas.

Randall Walker went into a Riverside National Bank and demanded money from the teller. Jason Dietrich was waiting for Walker outside in his Jeep Cherokee.

When the SUV ran out of gas, the two men abandoned it. So, how did the cops find them? They saw who the vehicle was registered to. Both are being held on $50,000 bail.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Friday!!

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US Airways employee helped roommate smuggle gun onto plane

The FBI has a US Airways employee in custody for helping his roommate get a gun on a plane in Philadelphia Thursday.

Roshid Milledge, a customer service agent with US Airways, switched carry-on bags with his roommate Damien Young at the gate. Young's bag had an unloaded 9mm gun in it. Apparently, Young was moving to Phoenix and asked Milledge about the procedures for transporting guns. So, Milledge agreed to carry the bag through an employee entrance so it wouldn't be screened by security.

Someone noticed the switch-a-roo and told authorities. The person also noticed that Milledge looked "fidgety." Young was already on the plane when he was questioned by a US Airways employee about the situation. The plane was about to leave, but was called back, so Young could be apprehended.

Of course when the two were questioned, Milledge said he accidentally grabbed the wrong bag and was making the switch so he could get his.

So, the question is: who in their right mind would have the balls to try and carry a gun on a plane in this paranoid time?

Aricle here. Image via Business Week.